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[repost] Michelle and Logan snippet; set in post-e26, written in pre-e27

"Oh, thank God!" Michelle breathed, when Logan finally opened his eyes. Her hands automatically found the call button and shoved it.

… Only for her wrist to be grabbed by Logan, who blinked up at her. “… Mama?”

Her hands went limp, wide eyes staring into green ones so like her husband’s.

Green eyes that were rapidly filling with tears. “Mama? Are you angry, Mama? Please don’t be angry. Please don’t leave. I’ll be good! I promise I’ll be good! I won’t be bad! I promise! I’ll be good again! I promise! Always!”

Instinct took over for her. “I won’t leave. I promise. I won’t leave. I’m here for you, okay, baby? I promise.” She squeezed his hand in her smaller one, the other stroking his hair. “I promise.”

Soothed, his eyelids began to fall. “… Stay.” He mumbled. “Don’t want nightmare. Don’t want Daddy mean. Don’t want fire. Don’t wait pain. Don’t want… Mama stay. Don’t…”

Hand still smoothing Logan’s hair rhythmically, Michelle bit her lip to stifle a rising sob. If her baby needed her to be a mother, so be it. But first, she had a husband to grill over the details of her predecessor’s doings, and a doctor to grill over the condition of her baby. 

Stiffening her spine, she pressed a fleeting kiss to Logan’s forehead before gliding out of the room.