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As inspired by this photoset. Featuring Jogan fluff as orchestrated by the Seigerson siblings.

"If Logan doesn’t stop moping around missing his ‘Princess’ soon…" Derek swore softly, pacing the length of his room.

Julian had left for a series of photo shoots, and whatnot two weeks ago. Something to do with a new season of Something Damaged and advertisements, and - honestly, Derek didn’t care.

The point was Logan was impossible to live with. Seeing how they shared an apartment within walking distance of their college campus, Derek cared more about that. He was this close to picking up the phone and demanding Julian damn his career, get his diva ass back and make his squid boyfriend calm his tits before Derek committed homicide.

As the strains of I See The Light started playing again on the piano, Derek groaned. Snatching his keys, he stalked out. “I’m gonna take Panda out, don’t wait up!” He yelled, slamming the door behind him.


Two hours later, Derek was feeling a lot better.

Granted, his little sister didn’t initially like having her plans with her friends dashed but as he pointed out, “How old are you, Panda. Come on. I’m hurt. You didn’t miss me?”

After which, he had taken them out for a late unhealthy fast food lunch - eaten in the car - and then onward to the mall.

He was torn from his thoughts when he felt something poking his hand. “Wha - Panda, why are you giving me a doll?”

"It’s a princess doll, Bear." Amanda Seigerson had an are you an idiot face on. Derek could’ve sworn he saw Julian in that look. He made a mental note to keep his sister away from the evil Princess.

"Yea, I see that." He nodded. Honestly, what was the different between all the dolls? They were just plastic and stuff. Granted their figures were rather nice to look at but hey, he had the real thing with Casey, didn’t he?

Amanda rolled her eyes. “No, you don’t.” She shoved it into his hand. Derek prayed none of his contemporaries were lurking around the corner. “You’re sulking, Bear.”

"Am not." He childishly replied.

"You’re worrying. You always worry when Jue’s away. Why? Jue’s not Casey." She tilted her head, blinking at him.

Derek felt like pulling his hair out. Him and Julian, what?! “Amanda Seigerson. I am not, and never will be, interested in Julian Larson that way. Got it?”

Eyes wide, her head bobbed up and down quickly.

"He’s Logan’s and that bastard’s miserable without him and - oh fuck, I just swore in front of my baby sister. Oh f - " Derek spluttered, his perfect GPA not helping find a word to express his dismay in the least.

"I won’t tell if you don’t, Bear!" She chirped. "So!"

Hesitantly, Derek looked at his sister, who was smiling up angelically at him. “So…?”

"Lo calls Jue "Princess," right?" Derek nodded slowly. "And he misses Jue, right?"


A brilliant smile split her face. “So you can give him this!” She pointed to the garishly pink box in his hand. “And he’ll have a princess to keep him company until his Princess Jue comes back!” She clapped happily.

Logan would kill him, rather, Derek thought.

His reluctance must have showed, because the next thing he knew, Amanda’s face was scrunched up. “Won’t you, Bear? Please? It would make him happy. How can you not want your friend to be happy! If you don’t make him happy, I’ll tell Mom you swore! I’ll tell!”

"I’ll buy it! I’ll give it to him!" Derek panicked. "Just don’t tell Mom, got it?" God, his mother would have his head.

Both of them.

Amanda smiled angelically at him as he dragged them to the cashier. “Oh Bear, can I have some chocolate too, please?”


When he finally returned to his apartment, it was late afternoon the next day. He’d stayed the weekend at his parents’ house at Amanda’s insistence and then spent the day with her at the poolside, before teaching her tennis.

That girl was going to kick ass in tennis someday.

Scenting something sweet and smokey as he cracked open the door to dimmed lights, Derek wanted to groan.

"Guys?" He called.

"Kitchen, D." Derek almost broke into a capering dance at Julian’s voice. Thank the Gods! Sanity had retu -

Apparently, he spoke too soon. He stepped into the doorway to see Logan pressing Julian up against the counter, kissing him as though their lives depended upon it.

"Logan, Julian, I’m happy that you both have finally gotten your heads out of your respective arses, as I’ve said innumberable times in the past year but not when I’m in the room!

Thankfully, the need for oxygen caused the two to break apart regretfully. Not that Logan relinquished his grip on Julian. As it was, Julian peeked out from behind Logan’s shoulder, laughing at Derek’s tomato face - why the hell was the blond so tall?!

"We’re lucky you aren’t allergic to tomatoes, Lo." Julian teased. His eyes drifted downward. "Or pink."

"Music’s okay…" Logan turned around and registered what Julian had been talking about. "… I think I might be, babe. Der, what the hell’s that bag?"

Derek finally remembered the bag. Ah what the hell, he might as well get it over with. “Panda. She deduced Lo was lonely without Princess Jue so she made me buy a replacement and extracted a promise from me to deliver it.”

He tossed it at Logan, who thankfully caught it before it hit Julian’s face. Or they’d never hear the end of it.

"She made you buy Lo a Barbie?!” Julian finally articulated, bursting out laughing at Logan’s inscrutable expression as he stared down at the box in his hands.

Derek only nodded.

Julian cackled more. “Oh god, what did you do, Der?”

"Nothing!" He snapped. "What makes you think I did anything!"

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much." Logan finally recovered enough to respond.

"And methinks the sea creature doth talk too much. Cuddle your Princess, Squid. Go have your romantic dinner, make out, whatever. I’m gonna crash Casey’s." Derek stalked out of the house for the second time in as many days. "Just be done when I get back tomorrow, for God’s sake!"