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[repost] prompts as taken from alphabetasoup @ livejournal

U is for Umbrage

“Fine!” Julian scowled, turning on his heel to make the dramatic exit he was so fond of.

Panicked, Logan grabbed his shoulder, spinning the actor around, and pulling him to him.

“Lo, what…?” Julian peered up at his boyfriend as best he could, pressed up against Logan’s chest as he was.

“Don’t go.” The blond muttered. “I’m sorry I don’t wan to lose you, Jules. And definitely not over something so stupid. Don’t go.”

The smaller boy was quiet.


Then he giggled – he fucking giggled. This time, it was Logan’s turn to turn away and be pulled back.

“Lo, look at me.”

“Please.” Julian added, when the blond didn’t comply. Hurt eyes met his. “Lo, I love you. I waited years for you. You can’t run me off with just one temper tantrum, okay? I love you. Temper and all.”


V is for Vehement

"Julian Larson, from ‘Seat Taken?’ to the present, you’re the most annoying person I ever met." In the background, Derek face-palmed. "But then again, you would say that I’m the most blind person you ever met - not that I can fault you for that. I still wake up amazed that you waited. I still wake up amazed that you’re mine. And Derek’s right, I suck at this."

Logan ran a hand through his hair nervously, before sinking to one knee. “What I’m trying to say is, Princess, would you do me the honor of consenting to be Julian Larson-Wright?”

Julian blinked slowly at the anxious blond before him. “Larson-Wright?”

"You insisted." Logan growled. 

"Desperate are we, Wright?" Julian smirked, but his eyes gave him away.

"Just answer already, brat." Seriously, of all things, he had to latch on to that?

Julian picked up the ring, watching the light play over it absently. 

Finally, he slid it on to cheers, tugging Logan up to him for a celebratory kiss. “As if I’ll let you go now I’ve got you, you squid.”


W is for Writhe

Stepping into their shared apartment, Julian hit the voicemail.

"Julian, Carmen. I dropped off some scripts. Look them over and get back to me by Friday. Ciao."


"J, Cam here. We’re in town. Guys wanted to know if you wanted to come for a drink. Haven’t seen you in ages, dude!"


"Also, J, Saint Clark’s coming along. Tell the boyfriend not to worry."


Julian glanced at his left hand, twirling the ring there. Cam had obviously been living under a rock. 

"Jules, Lo’s being an ass! Oi, my phone you - "


The actor groaned, but his eyes were smiling. He had become the babysitter for the two college undergrads. Now he knew how Derek felt.

"Hey Jules." Julian smiled softly to himself at the sound of his fiancé’s voice. "Sorry about Der. He’s an ass. Sawyer told me about tonight. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Just don’t come home trashed."

There was a pause and some rustling. Julian frowned slightly. Logan never liked his Julian going out. Especially drinking with friends without Logan… “While you’re gone though… I guess I have to entertain myself.”

Julian’s eyes widened. This was not… Logan did not…

"Imagine you lying there. Tied up at my mercy."

His breath hitched. He did.

"Legs spread wide. Your favorite toy spreading you open. Turned on low. Just to keep you ready for me. Nothing more."

Blindly, Julian fell against the wall, hands going to his jeans.

"Your mouth’d be open. Cursing me, as always, Princess. I’ll jolt you for that. Up the vibration. Just for a bit."

Julian finally managed to free himself, keening as he took himself in hand.

"You’d whine, won’t you?" Logan hoarsely chuckled. "Those lips open. I’d smear them just to tease you. Think of it as payback. All those lollipops. God, Jules…"

Julian’s hand fisted faster, imagining it to be Logan’s long-fingered one instead, whimpering.

"Then just as you’re about to curse me, I’d fuck your mouth." Julian’s head fell back, hitting the wall as he slid down to the floor. "Up the vibration as I go along." A breathy moan escaped those lips.

"God, your mouth, Princess." Logan growled. "I’ll fuck you until you’re almost there. Then everything off."

Julian whined needily. The bastard.

"Nothing in your mouth. I’ll get off you, even. Your toy quiet. Just sitting there. Taunting you. I’ll watch you pant, catch your breath. Curse, swear. All the while still touching myself. God, you’re so hot, Jules." Logan moaned out.

"Lo…" Julian whimpered, his hand stilling.

It was as though Logan heard. “Then when you’re gonna snap, I’d pull out the toy. Plunge balls deep into you. Fuck you. Hard and fast. Just the way you like it.”

"Please." Julian begged, fucking himself harder on his fingers.

"I’ll fuck you raw. Watch you writhe, wanting to come. But I won’t take it off. Not until you ask for it. Not until you beg for it."

"Please. God, please, Lo, please." Julian babbled, pulling harder on his cock, fucking himself harder on his fingers.

"Is that enough?" Logan’s voice was low and scratchy from arousal. "Should I make you beg more?"

"Lo…" Julian nearly cried with frustration.

"Come for me, Princess." Logan groaned.

Julian collapsed on the floor, hands still sticky with spunk.

"Been busy, Princess?" A teasing voice smirked.

Julian cracked open his eyes, blearily glaring at Logan. “Fuck you.” 

"No, I’d fuck you, but it looks like I just have my hand for company tonight." Logan smoothly replied, kneeling next to Julian to clean off his hands.

The brunet twined one hand into soft blond hair, tugging Logan’s mouth to his for a hard, forceful kiss. “After that stunt? Oh no. You. Bed. Now.” 

"As my Princess commands." Logan smirked back, sweeping Julian up bridal style.

It was going to be a long night.

And of course, Clark got worried and dragged “the guys” to check up on Julian and got an eyeful and Logan had to fuck Julian through the mattress after they left to stake his claim. But that’s a story for another time.


X is for Xerox

"That will be all, Jane." Logan snapped at his secretary. As the door shut behind the starstruck woman, he turned to the grinning brunet sitting on his table. "And you wonder why I hate you visiting me at work, Jules?"

Julian preened. “Well, you hate a lot of things. Including whipped cream with coffee until - “

"That’s enough, Julian!" Logan growled, snagging the actor by his shirt to meld their lips together in a heated battle of lips, tongues and teeth.

He smirked as he pulled away. Julian panting for breath was a delectable sight, as always. The smaller man’s eyes darkened. “Oh no, you don’t, you Squid.”

Smoothly, he swung his legs over the desk, slid off it and into Logan’s chair, straddling the blond’s lap. Julian chuckled at Logan’s wide-eyed look. “As I’ve been telling you since freshman year: Stunts, Lo.” He bit Logan’s lip playfully before claiming his lips again.

"Fuck you, Princess." The blond breathed against Julian’s mouth, trailing his lips down that enticingly bared pale column.

"I believe that’s your," Julian’s breath hitched. "Job. To throw me, oh, onto that desk and, Lo, fuck me hard.” 

Julian’s moan was cut short by his squeak of surprise when Logan stood abruptly. Automatically, his arms and legs curled around the taller man as Logan walked them backward, mouth never leaving Julian’s skin.

Logan’s hands drifted lower, sliding down to knead Julian’s ass. That ass that had been tantalizing him since the actor had walked into his office in those painted-on designer skinnies. Julian whined as those large hands hefted him up onto some surface, then Logan was pressed up between his legs, rubbing against him pleasurably.

"Why." He fumbled at the clasp of Logan’s pants, moaning needily at the blond’s assault on his neck. "Are we still dressed?"

Logan snapped the button of Julian’s jeans open, pulling down the zipper. “You. I want your bare ass, Jules.” He hooked his fingers into the back loops of Julian’s jeans, tugging as the brunet wiggled forward, brushing against his painfully hard erection.

Just as Julian finally pulled the jeans to his knees, Logan wasted no time wrapping his hand around them, his other hand trailing down Julian’s spine to finger him.

Julian’s needy whine was joined by an electronic one.

Both parties stopped awkwardly. “… What was that, Lo?”

Their eyes turned to the ‘out’ tray of the machine they were on.

Julian’s eyes narrowed at the odd shadowy printout of his arse. “Wright, I require an answer.”  

… “Making copier art?” Logan offered weakly.


Y is for Yearning

Logan started when a stack of papers were dumped onto his table. Shooting Julian a questioning look, he pulled the top sheet off to read them. “Adoption papers, Jules?”

The brunet shrugged, sliding into his squid’s lap. “I’ve seen the look you get when you give kids back to their parents, Lo.”

"Its more likely that they’re the nanny or something." Logan muttered, looking away. So what if he played with kids when waiting for Julian to wrap up the day? They both knew what it was like to be a child in an adult’s world.

"Lo, stop being a squid." Even not looking at him, the blond knew Julian rolled his eyes. The actor poked him. "Logan Larson-Wright, I know you want kids. And yes, this is me saying I want kids with you. So what’s the problem?"

Sighing, Logan grumbled. “You just like the fact your name comes first.”

"Squid…" Julian shot him the look.

"Princess." He retorted, halfheartedly. Julian’s glare got harder. "I wasn’t raised by the best parents. I’m not the best parent. It’s not going to be fair to whichever kid who -"

Julian smiled at Logan’s surprised face as he pulled away, wriggling so he could rest their foreheads together. “You’re not your father, Lo. And you’re going to be the best dad. The kid would be lucky to have you.”

"And luckier yet to have you." Logan returned, pressing their lips together chastely. "Let’s look through these, shall we, Your Highness?"

Julian’s Cheshire grin shone forth as he mock bowed. “As you wish, Your Majesty.”


Z is for Zingy

"Julian?" Logan looked up from the morning paper at the sudden silence. "Jules? Spoilt brat? Princess?"

"… They didn’t ask me to open this club." Julian stared at his iPhone in shock. "They asked some new kid… And…"

Had it been those days in school, Logan would have mocked Julian’s ego. After so many years, he knew better. “Hey.” He walked over to his husband, wrapping his arms around the smaller man’s waist. “Hey, Jules. It’s okay. You’re still the best. No new kid on the block will change that.”

"I know that, Squid." Julian snapped, shuffling his feet.

Logan tugged Julian flush against him, tucking the brunet’s head under his chin. “Jules, you’re still the best. You’ll always be the best. You’re irreplaceable. Go for that opening and show how best you still are.”

The last had Julian jolting back in shock. He hadn’t attended one unless absolutely necessary since they adopted Fred. “Lo…”

The blond only smiled. “It’s just one night, Princess. The kids will understand.”

"We’ll understand what, Daddy Logan?" Fred popped his head in, dressed in his play school uniform, his sister’s hand in his.

"Nothing, Fred." Julian smiled, picking up Mathilda. "How would you two like it if I took over Daddy Logan’s turn for bedtime stories tonight?"

"Yay! Daddy Julian’s story!" Fred whooped, tossing the apple he’d snagged in the air with a grin.


Watching their kids go, Logan wrapped his arms around Julian from behind. “You didn’t have to do that.” He murmured into brown hair.

Julian turned slightly to smile up contentedly at Logan. “No, but I wanted to. You, Fred and Mathilda - you are my life now. Not grandiose Hollywood dreams.”

Logan blinked blearily when a crash and cry woke up. “Julian!” The blonde was up in an instant once he saw his fiancé on the floor. 

“And now he cares.” Julian bit out.

Logan took in the sight of his Julian sprawled out on the floor, some brown thing spilled over him and staining their carpet. “Jules? How did this happen?” He leaned over, tongue swiping a taste of Julian’s neck. 

The brunet made one of those pretty noises, tilting his head back automatically to allow Logan more access. Mm, coffee with a hint of Julian. ”Brought you.” He gasped as Logan nipped his pulse. “Coffee. You kicked me.” Logan vaguely noted a fallen plastic cup as he sucked on Julian’s neck. “Fell…

“Spi-lled.” Julian moaned, whimpering when Logan pulled away to admire the gorgeous mess that was his fiancé.

“So. Fucking. Gorgeous.” Logan punctuated each word with kisses along Julian’s neck, leaving a trail of dark bruises in his wake. 

Julian whined, tugging Logan to his mouth by his hair. The blond obliged, fitting their lips together familiarly. A touch of his tongue and Julian’s mouth was his for the plundering. God, the taste of Julian and coffee was so intense, divine… Logan groaned against Julian’s lips, unconsciously grinding down on Julian.

The brunet’s eyes were lust-glazed as he broke away to arch up for more - 

“Fuck!” Julian never met his intended target, collapsing back onto the floor.

Logan blinked rapidly. “Jules? Julian! What - “

Julian’s cheeks and eyes burned. “… My ankle hurts.”

… The blond stared in disbelief.

“Maybe I twisted it falling?” Julian offered, biting his trembling (kiss swollen) lips because fuck it was hurting so bad. Putting his weight on it to…

Logan’s head came to rest on the brunet’s shoulder with a groan. Julian was hurt, yes. But did he have to look so damned hot? Disheveled, lips just begging to be ravaged again…

“Lo?” Julian whimpered.

The singer took in his fiancé: Julian’s eyes were damp, and so were his cheeks. And his (damn fucking begging to be ravaged and fucked) lips were being bitten to death.

Biting back a groan, Logan sighed. “Come on, let’s see to your ankle, then get you and this place cleaned up.”